My best friend Nita asked me what word are you choosing for 2020? I answered I hadn’t thought about it, I’ll let you know.  Later that day it hit me… Collaboration! So many times we convince ourselves that we can accomplish our goals without help from others.  I once saw a meme that stated “Marketing to your friends will not grow your business”.  This year I made a promise to myself to work on making and building meaningful and lasting personal/professional relationships! 

I had the privilege and honor to work with the talented Author, Fashion Designer, Stylist, and Creator of “Curating your Closet of Joy” Kala Wilburn! Her kind and loving spirit, combined with her eye for fashion made her an absolute joy to work with. 

Kala was chosen to work with Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin, she completed his fashion boot camp! Words can not describe how excited we were for our girl!

Kala and Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin

Kala Wilburn

Remember how obsessed I am with Daily Devotionals?

Not only is Kala a fashion designer and stylist she is an author

her first book: First Ruth, Then Chanel… Now Me: 21 Day Devotional on Life, Marriage & Business 

can be purchased on Amazon. 

The Inspiration: When I spoke to Kala I said I want Holiday Glam (as I told her all of the things I am not a fan of! 😂) 

Kala stated “All I see is Monica in her You’re Everything to Me video! Years ago I screen shot her looks from the video and they are still in my camera roll.  I loved every look in that video, let’s not forget her FINE special guest NFL player Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson.